July 7, 2021

Correlations With Gender Dysphoria in Males

 I recently conducted a survey about gender dysphoria in males.  Respondents were males (assigned male at birth) and had transfeminine feelings associated with their sexuality (this could include imagining themselves as female in a sexual context, cross dressing, or something similar).  The total number of respondents used in the following analysis was 137.  I rather not speculate about the results at this time.  Perhaps I will speculate in a later blog post.  What I will say is that my plan is to use this data to come up with interventions for males with gender dysphoria, and see if those interventions can result in less gender dysphoria.  If you are a male with gender dysphoria, you might want to use this data to attempt your own form of intervention.  Correlation does not equal causation, so it's not known what type of intervention, if any, might help, but this data at least provides some possible areas where an intervention might work.